Product Installation Diagram

Confidential Client

  • Production of 3D Revit CAD model for lab equipment.

Product Installation

Telemetry Stations for Monitoring a Natural Gas Distributions System

  • Design and construction coordination of multiple utility monitoring sights and telemetric transmission to selected data collection hubs.
  • More than one hundred unique sites.
  • Providing documentation for permit approval and construction.
  • Telemetry stations for utility system monitoring.
  • Coordination with other public utilities provide power to equipment.
  • Providing documentation for Lease Agreements.
  • As-built documentation.

Product Installation

Santa Cruz Nutritional Electrical System Documentation

  • Perform a comprehensive site investigation to all electrical power panels, MCC, switchboards.
  • Record electrical equipment location, size, upstream equipment, condition.
  • Make recommendations on equipment replacement.
  • Generate a updated one-line diagram.
  • Generate an electrical maintenance schedule

Truck parking

EV Chargers Concord

  • Installation of new meter socket in existing 800A 480Y/277V switchboard.
  • Rooftop conduit from existing 480Y/277V switchboard to new transformer.
  • Installation of new transformer and disconnect switch.
  • Rooftop conduit from new transformer to new 208V panelboard.
  • Installation of new 208V panelboard.
  • Trenching of underground conduit across parking lot from new 208V panelboard to EV charging stations.
  • Installation of (2) level 2 EV fleet chargers.
  • Installation of new 480V panelboard.
  • Trenching of underground conduit across parking lot from new 480V panel to pullbox.
  • Installation of new conductors in existing conduit from pullbox at end of conduit trench to pullbox adjacent to gate for additional parking.
  • Installation of (1) EV fast charger.

Electrical Controls

Qorvo UPS Building

  • Design a new UPS building over the existing electrical service.
  • Design a 3000A service:
    • Tie into existing feed between transformer and switchgear.
    • Provide new 3000A incoming service.
    • Provide (4) 750KVA UPS’s
    • Provide (4) isolation cabinets that accepts feeds from the UPS’s as well as a load bank switchboard.
      • Load bank has the option of hooking up a portable generator if needed.
  • Provide an out new 3000A outgoing switchgear to feed into existing switchgear.

Aerial view of field

Maupin School Bond Project, South Wasco County School District #1

Bradford provided the design for all site improvements for the school bond project for the South Wasco County District #1. The project added a new cafeteria and gym to the campus. Bradford designed the grading for ADA access, other walkways, playgrounds, sport courts, and parking. Utility design included domestic water, sanitary sewer, and storm drainage systems. The new improvements will serve the elementary, middle and high school. Design iterations were included to bring the project within the school bond budget. Construction assistance was provided to meet field conditions during build out.

Aerial view of field

Deschutes River Athletic Complex, Maupin Chamber of Commerce

Bradford Consulting Engineers design the New Track and Grandstands above the Deschutes River in Maupin, Oregon. The new track was designed to International Standards to serve not only the local High School but also as a training ground for Track and Field Athletes competing at the highest levels in the sport. The design included track layout, grading, pavement design, grandstands design, lighting, drainage, landscaping, and irrigation. Stakeholders for the project include the Maupin Chamber of Commerce, Wasco County school District, the Oregon Army Guard Civil Works, and various contractors. Bradford provided oversight during construction and planning services grandstands layout and future phases of the project.

Product Installation

CUB4 Chiller VFD Install

Provide engineering design for lighting two cross walks from the main entrance of the office building to the roadway sidewalk.

Sidewalk Lighting

RS5 Sidewalk Lighting

Provide engineering design for lighting two cross walks from the main entrance of the office building to the roadway sidewalk.

A construction site of a new building.

Tigard Medical Oregon Outpatient Surgery Center

  • Replace aging insufficient, undersized, HVAC equipment with new and current technology HVAC.
  • Design new rooftop structural steel framework to support new HVAC rooftop equipment.
  • Design upgrade to current Oregon Healthcare Authority standard of care and Code compliance.