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Founded in 1999, Bradford Consulting Engineers has consistently delivered a robust portfolio of engineering services tailored to address the intricate demands of our clients. Our journey began with a focus on Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing (MEP) engineering, which nurtured a dedicated client base. Over time, Bradford has strategically expanded its offerings to encompass civil, equipment structural/seismic engineering, seamlessly complementing the diverse design needs and unique requirements of our valued clientele.

Driven by a passion for problem solving, we pride ourselves on discovering creative, custom solutions for clients of all sizes.

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We believe that knowledge is power, which is why we begin every project with thorough research and project alignment to meet the expected project goals. We help our clients make informed decisions and make sure each project is a success through our collaborative and detail-oriented design approach.

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The best project is one that’s done right the first time.

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At Bradford, our team of industry-seasoned electrical engineers model and design a comprehensive range of medium and low-voltage power distribution systems and sophisticated control systems. We empower our clients to establish safe, reliable electrical infrastructure with built-in scalability for future growth. Furthermore, our extensive experience in critical power systems and semiconductor-specific power distribution and tool-install designs instills confidence in our clients, ensuring they receive a high-quality, production-ready product for seamless tool integration.

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Bradford Consulting Engineers provides a comprehensive suite of mechanical engineering and design services, tailored to any project scope. Our cohesive designs prioritize operational efficiency and optimal facility performance. Notably, our extensive semiconductor expertise informs our cleanroom design capabilities, including airflow systems ensuring stringent ISO classifications, high-purity process piping configurations, and comprehensive tool-installation packages, empowering clients to achieve their unique cleanroom objectives.

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Inside and out, we provide engineering support for any project, no matter the size or complexity. We work closely with clients to understand and address their unique needs.

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We know that a happy team is a successful one. We’re committed to creating a positive work environment where staff are encouraged to share new ideas, and where each person is supported at work and at home with a complete suite of benefits.

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Initiate your journey toward success with Bradford. We specialize in crafting custom designs and solutions that flawlessly align with our clients’ aspirations.

Our comprehensive range of services makes us a valuable resource for clients, as we take on challenging projects that other firms may struggle with.

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