Structural Design

When our clients need thoughtful, innovative designs that are sure to work, they call us.

Bradford engineers leverage their knowledge and experience to design safe and long-lasting structures for a variety of markets. By pairing skill with advanced modeling and testing, we’re able to ensure all our designs are durable, effective, and meet our client’s needs.

We’re driven by innovation and outside-the-box thinking. We work closely with clients to understand a project’s goals and to create structural designs that are not only function but efficient. From planning load bearing and choosing the right materials to ensuring structural soundness, Bradford Engineers ensures quality results.

Civil Engineering Services

Inside and out, our services are designed to complement each other for complete project coverage.

We prioritize adapting to the needs of our clients, which is why Bradford offers a broad array of civil engineering services. We work with clients throughout an entire project, and we’re capable of addressing every engineering detail of a facility and its surrounding environment.

With Bradford’s civil engineering services, our clients receive support for all of a building’s exterior requirements. We cover the complete project, from field studies for grading and utility design to civil permitting. We support our clients for the length of their project and beyond.

What We Do

With adaptive services and a drive to solve problems, we offer a wide range of structural and civil engineering services including:

  • Grading
  • Utility design
  • Stormwater quality design
  • ADA access design
  • Road and sidewalk design
  • Parking design
  • Bike parking design
  • Fencing
  • Erosion control
  • Civil permitting
  • Sports facilities
  • Grandstand design
  • Seismic bracing
  • Structural analysis
  • Equipment mounting
  • Equipment pad design
  • Antenna mast/tower foundation design
  • Utility foundation design
  • Utility support structure design
  • High tech/semiconductor facility support
  • Public works & infrastructure

Our Dedication to Quality

We understand that good engineering impacts more than convenience. Our commitment to quality results is rooted in our desire to create safe environments that meet our client’s needs and are efficient for the future.

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Electrical & Controls Engineering

Founded as an electrical engineering firm, Bradford continues to supply industry-leading electrical and controls solutions to our clients. Working closely with clients to understand every facet of a project, Bradford engineers design cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions.

We take pride in our high level of quality service, bringing a deep knowledge and experience in electrical and controls to every project.

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Mechanical, HVAC, & Plumbing Design

With a history of successful design and engineering across markets, Bradford is able to address projects of any size or complexity. Our engineers are trained in mechanical, HVAC, and plumbing design, completing projects effectively and efficiently.

With cutting-edge tools like CFD Modeling to maximize success for our clients, we’re able to rise to any challenge to meet a project’s mechanical, HVAC, and plumbing design needs.

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