Truck parking

EV Chargers Concord

  • Installation of new meter socket in existing 800A 480Y/277V switchboard.
  • Rooftop conduit from existing 480Y/277V switchboard to new transformer.
  • Installation of new transformer and disconnect switch.
  • Rooftop conduit from new transformer to new 208V panelboard.
  • Installation of new 208V panelboard.
  • Trenching of underground conduit across parking lot from new 208V panelboard to EV charging stations.
  • Installation of (2) level 2 EV fleet chargers.
  • Installation of new 480V panelboard.
  • Trenching of underground conduit across parking lot from new 480V panel to pullbox.
  • Installation of new conductors in existing conduit from pullbox at end of conduit trench to pullbox adjacent to gate for additional parking.
  • Installation of (1) EV fast charger.

Electrical Controls

Qorvo UPS Building

  • Design a new UPS building over the existing electrical service.
  • Design a 3000A service:
    • Tie into existing feed between transformer and switchgear.
    • Provide new 3000A incoming service.
    • Provide (4) 750KVA UPS’s
    • Provide (4) isolation cabinets that accepts feeds from the UPS’s as well as a load bank switchboard.
      • Load bank has the option of hooking up a portable generator if needed.
  • Provide an out new 3000A outgoing switchgear to feed into existing switchgear.

Small Office Buildings Plaza

Qorvo, Hillsoro OR. UPS Building

  • Design and construction of a central electrical UPS building on stilts retrofitted above an existing running electrical power center.
  • New UPS systems installed and commissioned while existing factory electrical is concurrently up and running.

Commercial Building

Tokyo Electron Ltd , Hillsboro OR – NW cleanroom expansion

  • Expansion of existing tech facility for a new cleanroom, core and shell, clean interior fit out, tool ready white space.
  • Certified to class 10 (ISO 4)
  • Mechanical, electrical, process, life safety, utilities to support cleanroom